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Hi and welcome to Ask Missy Mondays where I respond to email questions from readers who have questions about their child’s behavior. Today’s question comes from Katie who is living and working in Dubai where even the Burj Khalifa will “light it up blue” for autism awareness. Katie asks,

“A colleague mentioned that some iPad apps will be reduced in price for the month of April and you are the person to ask about which ones! Perhaps you could do a blog post on it?! I am hoping that some of the scheduling apps will be reduced as they look amazing but a lot are super expensive. Almost all of my young kids have the duck duck moose nursery rhyme apps now and they love it! Thank you for introducing me to those!”

Thanks for writing Katie. I had to do some research on this but yes, some apps are free this month and others are reduced. I’m providing a list below and I hope that readers will share others. I will keep updating this post all month to make sure we have the most accurate list for readers.

Kindergarten dot com offers a number of apps on receptive language development, vocabulary development, etc. Their apps were free in April last year, and it appears they are free now.

Hearty Spin is also offering 50% discount on its Picture AAC app on World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April. Hearty SPIN will also be offering free copies of Picture AAC app to non-profit organizations (schools/therapy centers/hospitals)worldwide that support people with speech impairment/delay during the month of April.

Gary Brown author of DTT apps is offering DTT Words and Autism Dx for free this month.

Expressive, a communication app appears to be reduced from $35 down to $25.99.

First Then, normally $9.99 is $4.99

iCommunicate is normally $49.99 is reduced to $29.99

See Touch Learn is free.

Grace, a communication picture exchange app is reduced from $37.99 to 27.99.

Scene Speak, normally $14.99 is reduced to $4.99.

Zanny Born to Run is normally $2.99 is reduced to $1.99.

Augie, another communication application appears to be reduced from $149.99 to $79.99.

AutismTrack – it is regularly priced at 49.99 and it is free for April 2nd only.

VAST, a communication app is reduced from $4.99 to $2.99. It is a “Medical app that helps parents and caregivers of those with autism track interventions, behaviors and symptoms…”

Grasshopper apps is offering a few free or reduced price apps through Sunday April 8, 2012. This includes First Numbers, First Grade Reading, Sight Words.

Smurks is free for the first week of April only.

For a complete list of recommended apps, be sure to check out our previous post of updated applications. Also, Apps for Children with Special Needs is a good resource.

Please be sure to let us know of any other free or reduced apps for this month so we can update our post.

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