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Logo2012 was a great year for the Applied Behavioral Strategies blog. We had almost 100,000 visitors in total. Here is a list of the most visited blog postings last year. The great news is that I wrote some of the most visited posts in 2011. I am pleased that my posts remain relevant for readers.

#5. Early Morning School Routines. Who doesn’t need help with this? Seriously, it is THE most stressful time of the day for my house.

#4 Just Say No. I can see why this one has staying power. Almost daily, I hear myself saying “Parents need to learn to say no.” You don’t even have to state a reason. Just know that your child needs to learn to accept being told no. (And despite how it may feel or sound, it will NOT be the end of the world.)

#3 Autism Awareness Apps. I really need to update this link. I will be sure to do so in time for April give aways. Keep in mind that I’m also presenting on this topic at SXSW in Austin, TX in March, 2013.

#2. Do You Use Visual Schedules? Wow. I am pleased that this topic is still a hit. If you aren’t using visual schedules, you should! In my home, we use a homework whiteboard every day and it makes our afternoons a BREEZE!

#1. Using ABA to Teach Math. I had no idea when I wrote this post that it would become so popular. The great news is that ABA may be used for a variety of skills!

I cannot thank you enough for your readership! Keep the reading, following, sharing, ideas, feedback, and questions for Ask Missy Monday coming!

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We are so excited to announce that we will be speaking at SXSW in Austin, TX in March, 2013. We will be part of the interactive conference under the Diversity and Emerging Markets topics.

Thanks go out to the Autism Society of Greater Austin (Fran Kennedy and Ann Hart) for thinking about and supporting the proposal.

We will be speaking about Apps for Autism. If any of you are app developers and would like for us to consider including your app in our presentation, please contact us for information that we will need in order to be able to do that.

We will be covering:

  • apps that support communication
  • apps that support language development
  • apps that support academic development such as reading, writing, spelling, and math
  • apps that teach and/or support social skills development
  • apps that teach and/or support fine motor development

Hope to see you there!

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