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The topic of #pickyeaters has received a lot of attention lately. You can search for it on twitter (#pickyeater), there are blogs about it like this one,  and even Dr. Oz talked about it here.  Everyone has an opinion about how to help picky eaters.

After searching the internet to learn what others had to say, I found this great link on Whole Foods. I have to say, I really like the advice that was offered. I’ll summarize it here:

First, the author, Paige Brady, suggested talking to your children. Children are bombarded daily with advertisements for junk food, fast food, and candy. Paige is right! We have to get in as much good food talk as we can.

Next Paige suggests that we get real with our meals. I like that too! Serve food that looks like real food. Real food is more appetizing than processed foods. My mouth is watering as I’m typing.

Paige also suggests that we serve a rainbow. Look at your child’s plate. Is it all white? Strive to have varied colors for each meal. Real food has color. Let it shine.

Paige tells readers to hand over the reigns. In the intervention world, we call it choice making. Give children choices. You will eat a vegetable tonight. Is it going to be broccoli or brussels sprouts?

In our house, the kids help shop. They pick out the fruits for the week, they pick out the vegetables for the week, we allow them to pick the meats that will be cooked. By including them in the shopping and meal planning, they are much more likely to want to eat what is served. Moreover, when they are older, they will be empowered with the ability to make good choices on their own.

Happy eating!

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