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Many children in the New England area are happy today because schools are cancelled again. Teachers realize that we will be in school until the end of June. And what are parents left to do?

Here are some tips for entertaining your children so that you can work, clean, cook, do laundry, or any one of the other 99 things on your to-do list.


Anyone who has been following this blog for a while has learned that organization is the key to success.

Get out your whiteboard and markers and make a list of things the children should do before they get to play. Some common chores in our house include:

  • making the bed
  • preparing breakfast
  • cleaning up after breakfast
  • getting dressed

School Work

Yes, school is out but students still need to read every day. If your child is struggling in an area (e.g., math or spelling), then ask your child to complete some extra work in that area. We have written about some great spelling and math games previously. In addition to the chores above, children in our house will find the following:

  • read
  • math
  • spelling
  • clean out your backpack
  • finish your Veteran’s Day Project

Play Time

Once all the chores and school work have been completed, then it’s time for fun. Your children may need some direction or assistance in this area depending on their ages. We prefer to pick games the children can play on their own so that we can get our work done.

  • Wii (we prefer Wii Fit to keep kids moving)
  • Board Games (Yahtzee, Monopoly, Clue)
  • Card Games (Uno, GoldFish)
  • Art (our kids made “fall” cards for their grandmother in Florida including some hurricane thrown leaves)

Play Date

Once your kids have entertained themselves for the morning (and kept themselves out of trouble), then you can arrange for their friends to come over and play. While it may not seem like such a good idea to add more children to the mix, when children have friends around, they are more likely to play and stay out of your hair. If you have a friend for each child, even better.

Hopefully power will be restored soon and all of you can return to your regular routines. In the meantime, try to get as much done as you can while your kids are home.

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