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The Connecticut Association for Behavior Analysis (CT ABA) is tomorrow. Are you registered? Missy will be speaking on Special Education Laws and the Ethical Issues for Behavior Analysts. Rebecca will be speaking about how to use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach social skills to children with autism.

The conference committee has lined up other great speakers too. These include Dr. Bill Heward, Dr. Richard Graff, Dr. Kathleen Dyer, Dr. Judith Ursitti, and Dr. Amy Odum. Participants will earn Continuing Education Credits plus lunch is included.

Applied Behavioral Strategies will have a booth so please stop by to see us between sessions.

Enjoy the conference!

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This cartoon is a classic. We have been using it in our parent and teacher training workshops for several years now.

We know that it does not have to be this way. Research has shown that when children have challenging behavior, appropriate assessment and intervention will work to decrease the behavior. If you are the parent in the picture above, ask your child’s teacher to get help from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA or BCaBA). The behavior analyst will complete a functional behavioral assessment (FBA). The behavior analyst will work collaboratively with the parents, teacher, related service personnel, and possibly even the child (depending on age) to develop a behavior intervention plan (BIP) to address the behavior. The behavior analyst will help train everyone to implement the plan. Finally, the behavior analyst will assist in developing a data collection plan to monitor progress.

If you are the teacher in the picture above, contact your school’s behavior analyst to get help with the FBA and BIP. It will make your life so much easier in the long run.

Have you ever felt this way at one of your parent teacher conference meetings? Has your child had an FBA and BIP? Please share!

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We just returned from the ARI conference in Las Vegas hosted by the Autism Research Institute. We were able to meet many people, parents and practitioners alike.

We feel that this conference is must for families who are learning to treat their child’s autism. If you could not make it to Las Vegas, consider attending the spring conference which will be held in Newark, NJ.

Attendees at the conference are able to attend a variety of lectures from experts in nutrition, medicine, and educational programming. In addition to lectures, participants may also drop in on demo room sessions where the experts show you how to do a particular technique. The demo room this year included, among others, tips from us on how to teach your child to swallow pills. Email us if you would like a copy of the brief handout that we provided.

Attendees are also able to visit the booths of many exhibitors including Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) and Kirkman Labs.

Lunch is provided on site allowing participants time to network, mingle, and speak intimately with presenters.

We were also very lucky to meet Alex Plank, Kirsten Lindsmith, and Jack Robison who were filming for Autism Talk TV. These young adults all have a formal diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). They participate in the website Wrong Planet and they have proven that individuals with ASD can live a full and productive life.

We always feel renewed after such a great conference experience. We want to hear from you. Did you attend the conference? What was your favorite part?

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We are excited to announce a schedule of upcoming continuing education for BCBAs and BCABAs!

To sign up for an ABS workshop, click here: Continuing Education Workshops

Upcoming Courses – Click here to view the original flyer.

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