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Well, we are most certain that the topic of today’s post is probably not the most appetizing to many of our readers. However, given one of the headline stories on yahoo, we felt compelled to chime in. We should first clarify that we are not nutritionists, nor are we pretending to be. (On a completely unrelated note, we can recommend some good nutritionists if you are looking: Kelly Barnhill, Vicki Kobliner, and Dr. Liz Lipski to name a few).

While we are not nutritionists, we routinely see children who are having feeding difficulties. We also routinely see children who have a number of food allergies and/or intolerances including issues with cow’s milk. Because of this, we now have extensive experience with children who follow a dairy-free, lactose-free, or casein-free diet. We have seen children experiencing detox symptoms when they stopped consuming casein. We have seen children start sleeping through the night when they stopped consuming milk. We have seen children stop having seizures when they stopped drinking milk. In summary, milk must be the devil. Well, at least that was a thought until we realized that someone else had already taken claim to that statement (i.e., Devil in the Milk is actually a published book!).

We are not here to bash milk. We are here to simply say that if you (or your child) is not going to consume milk and milk products, that you should seek some assistance from an appropriately trained person before quitting. In addition to having some help, you should also know your milks. Multiple milk varietals are now available in many places. For example, if you are lucky enough to get your cup o’ joe at Whole Foods, you will be overwhelmed with your choices for a latte. You may choose from soy, almond, rice, hemp, or coconut (as well as 2%, skim, half and half, and whole). “WHAT? Can you repeat that? I can actually have a choice of dairy-free, lactose-free, casein-free milk substitutes?” The answer is “yes, you may.”

Again, we are not here to explain to you the pros and cons of each of your milk varietals. That is what your trained professional is available to do. We can, however, give you some pointers so you don’t make the same mistakes we have made. So, in famous Dave Letterman fashion, we are going to give you the top 10 reasons you need a trained professional to help you quit your (milk) habit.

10. Drinking hemp milk will not have the same effect on you as the more popularized hemp product.

9. Soy milk curdles just like cow’s milk.

8. Coconut milk is sweet, so you do not need to add a sweetener in your latte.

7. The only difference between rice milk and water is…well…..water is clear.

6. Almond milk is now available in a yogurt (if that is what you want to call congealed white stuff in a cup).

5. Milk substitutes are often available on the shelf and only need refrigeration before consumption (now doesn’t THAT sound tasty?).

4. Milk substitutes also come in ice cream form! Mmmm thoughts of peanut butter zig zag is making my mouth water.

3. Milk substitutes work well in smoothies, puddings, desserts, and cereals.

2. Almond breeze is now available in bulk at Costco.

And the number one reason you should not quit your milk habit without professional help:

1. Coconut milk with live cultures is NOT the same as regular coconut milk.

Sadly, we learned the hard way when one our clients ate buttermilk-style coconut milk on his cereal. Poor fella. And he still ate the cereal without putting up a fight! We TOLD you we could get your child to eat ANYTHING.

Happy detoxing! (but only with the support of an appropriately trained professional)

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