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200306160-001After more than a week with my niece and nephews, I have so many funny comments to share that I cannot possibly remember them all. This one stuck out as one of the most memorable.

Aunt Missy (to another adult): “I think I am doing well, considering the fact that I had surgery only 7 weeks ago”

7-year-old nephew: “Aunt Missy, I didn’t know you had surgery. Are you gonna die?”

Aunt Missy (laughing): “Oh no honey! I just had my gall bladder out”

Nephew: “What’s a gall bladder”

Aunt Missy: “Well, it is an organ (body part) that holds bile”

Nephew: “Oh! I have two of them. They are right next to my wiener!”

Readers, did any of you have this much fun on your holiday break? Please share!

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Good Day

In our work, we come across some amazing “kid comments”. In one classroom, we met a boy wearing a shirt proclaiming, “I’m in permanent time out.” Missy found a great shirt for her nephew, Blake. He proudly showed his new shirt to everyone but had no idea why they thought it was funny.


We found the following picture and decided it pretty much says it all.


So, here’s hoping that you have a Good Friday! And if you have any great comments that you have overheard, please send them to us!

Get your own “Permanent Time Out” t-shirt here: http://tinyurl.com/67dg786

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