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I have to start this post with a confession: today’s post has nothing to do with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Today’s post is a rambling of my (Missy) own issues with being a parent (or bonus-parent if you want to be more precise). Last night, our youngest (also known as Baby Cakes) wrote a letter to the tooth fairy. Here it is:

And now I feel like a big fat liar.

How sweet is that letter? Baby Cakes is an angel and she is ridiculously sweet. It kills me that we have led her to believe that this person/thing exists. When she finds out there is no tooth fairy (or Santa, or Easter Bunny) she will never believe anything we tell her.

Have any of you had this same dilemma? How did you handle it (besides drinking loads of wine)? Please share because my heart is breaking.

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