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We recently received the call for proposals for the upcoming conference in Dubai. If you will recall, we went last year and had a wonderful experience. The upcoming conference is going to focus on behavior analysis. We are super excited to submit something and we hope that our colleagues will as well. Here is the call for abstracts. Please share it with your colleagues! Due date extended to November 15th.

Abstract For Autism

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Rebecca and I are headed to Dubai today, well actually it will already be tomorrow there when we leave here today. Whew! I am confused and we haven’t even left yet!

We are both excited about this trip, not only because we have never been to Dubai but because we will be presenting alongside many other distinguished speakers.

The conference, Autism Around the World, should be an exciting one as multiple disciplines will be brought together to address the many facets of autism. The Child Early Intervention Medical Center, has worked carefully to put the conference together.

Glancing at the schedule, we will both be busy! Rebecca is presenting on social skills on Thursday and then she will conduct a 4-hour workshop on social skills on Saturday.

Missy will be conducting a workshop on feeding intervention on Thursday. On Friday she will be speaking on addressing challenging behavior and using the iPad for communication development and academic instruction. Finally, she will be conducting two workshops on communication intervention. One will address general strategies and the other will address strategies for classroom use.

How will we have to time to shop? And see the sights?

If you are able to join us in Dubai, please take a moment to say hello. We would love to meet our readers face to face. If you cannot make it to Dubai, we will post an update when we return. If you have ever been to Dubai, please recommend things for us to do? Where to eat? Where to shop? Sights to see? Something tells me we will not get much sleep for the next few days!

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