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Hi! and welcome to What Works Wednesdays where a success story from clinical files is shared. Sadly, today is going to be an example of what does not work.

On Cyber Monday, I took advantage of the sale and bought my bonus daughter a few items from Abercrombie Kids. They arrived, she tried them on and two items needed to be exchanged. To complete the exchange, I went to the Abercrombie website. The bonus daughter was super excited to learn how to exchange items so she watched eagerly over my shoulder. And then we both see this:

hands in pants

The bonus daughter says, “Why are her hands in his pants?”

And that folks, is how advertising does not work. Sex will not sell clothes to me or my family.

We will not buy any more clothes from this store.

And if this picture is not enough, here is another picture from the home page. Because if having her hands down his pants is not enough, let’s introduce our children to ménage à trois.

Apparently, this little advertising trick is working. The company’s stock is soaring. People are buying.

Please join me in sending Abercrombie a message that this type of advertising is not appropriate for our children. My family will not be buying clothes from this company until they change their practices.

two on one


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