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We will be at the Mass ABA conference today in Marlborough, MA. Please stop by our booth to say hello or come to my ethics presentation this afternoon. 

Hope to see you there! 


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Hi and welcome to Ask Missy Mondays where I respond to email questions from parents who are having difficulty with their child’s behavior. Today, we have a question in from Melany who writes: picky eater

I would like to create a program for a young boy who has difficulties with some specific textures. I thought about a fading procedure but there is maybe a better one?”

Before recommending anything specific for this child, it will be important for you to assess and have others assess the child thoroughly. We have learned that children with food allergies/sensitivities often have oral sensory issues. We have also learned that children who have oral motor deficits may have difficulties with certain textures. However, some children are simply scared of textures. Thus, a good assessment of the child’s medical and oral motor condition is important before commencing treatment for this child.

A substantial amount of research has proven a texture fading model to be effective. In a texture fading model, clinicians move from puree to table food by slowing increasing the texture. You will see this if you examine any commercially produced baby food in puree to stage 3 foods.

Finally, please do not try this at home. Just because you have learned how to use a fading protocol in your coursework, it does not mean that you can or should implement a fading protocol in feeding. Appropriate training and supervised clinical experiences are essential prior to addressing feeding issues. Additionally, other clinicians may be needed to assist you. These include physicians, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and/or nutritionists or dietitians.

If you have a behavior that you need assistance on, please email me at askmissy at applied behavioral strategies dot-com. Thank you!

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I’m lucky enough to be writing from Sunny Florida. I came down here to do some work in our Florida office and given that location and our near perfect weather today, I’m especially excited Friday.

Today we have another funny Kid Quote for you.

One quiet afternoon, Tammy was in school with her therapist, Kathy. Tammy was working and looking forward to her reinforcement after she completed her work. When Tammy finished all of the work, Kathy and Tammy began to engage in play activities, such as games and silly putty. As play time began to wind down, Tammy began to get silly. Kathy recognized this and called Tammy a silly goose. Tammy replied, “ I am not a goose, I am a child!”

This can remind us of all the cute things that kids say each and every day, and how simple phrases like this can lighten up our day!

Happy Friday!!

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