Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA ) services by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) are becoming increasingly common. If you are new to our blog, you may read more about ABA services here and you may read more about a BCBA here.

Today’s post is really for BCBAs and BCaBAs. However, we always welcome parent and teacher readers because everyone can learn from one another.

Are You Doing Due Diligence?

What is “due diligence”? While there are several definitions, the most appropriate definition here is: “acting with a certain standard of care” (Wikipedia).

Standard of Care

What is the standard of care within ABA? The best resource available, in my opinion, is the practice guidelines produced by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB). The BACB created a beautiful and comprehensive manual describing the standard of care in behavior analysis. The manual is called, “Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Practice Guidelines for Healthcare Funders and Managers”. You may download the manual here. The manual doesn’t talk about caseload for BCBAs who consult with teachers, classrooms, and schools. Rather, the manual discusses ABA services for individual children.

Tiered Services

One important feature regarding ABA services is the tiered model of service delivery. Just like in medical care, the licensed vocational nurse (LVN) provides direct care, he is overseen by the registered nurse (RN), who follows a treatment plan developed by a physician. In ABA, a technician provides direct care to clients. The technician is overseen by a BCaBA or a BCBA. The BCBA develops the treatment plan and oversees the individuals providing direct care.small group training

If you are a BCaBA, you must work under the guidance and supervision of a BCBA. BCBAs are independent practitioners. However, I know very few BCBAs who want to be on their own. Most of the individuals I have met, want to work alongside a team of professionals in order to solve the most complex cases. Behavior therapists are not independent practitioners either and they, too, must work under the guidance and supervision of a BCBA or BCaBA.


How many students are on your caseload?

How many should be on your caseload? This manual has great recommendations regarding the appropriate caseload for BCBAs. The recommendation is based on the type of case. For example, a comprehensive case would require more intense supervision while a case focusing on one are of learning (e.g., toileting), may need less supervision.

Case Oversight


All ABA cases, including the technician, will need supervision. Case supervision may come in the form of indirect services (e.g., graphing, analyzing data, writing reports) or direct supervision (e.g., modeling program implementation, collecting interobserver agreement, or completing fidelity checks). While case supervision will vary from child to child, the BACB recommends 2 hours of case supervision for each 10 hours of service.

Take a moment and reflect on your cases. Are you doing due diligence?

Raise your hand if you did NOT see the Dateline NBC special on adults with autism……..It’s been pretty popular this week and if you haven’t heard about it, perhaps you are living under a rock. We won’t judge you! You can still catch it here.

Rachel Kaplan Working on a Farm

Many parents reported online how sad the show made them feel or how depressed they were for their child’s future. I agree that it can be overwhelming to think about the cost of servicing so many adults with autism or even worse, to think of a loved one without adequate care. However, it is not all gloom and doom. Adults with autism can still learn! Don’t give up hope. To prove this fact, today’s research review describes the results of a study on 4 adults with autism. Lattimore, Parsons, and Reid conducted the study and published it in 2006.The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis published the study in 2006.

Study Purpose

The authors set out to study and compare the outcomes for adults with autism who received job-site training. One group received training plus simulation while the other group received job-site training only. Researchers taught participants skills such as learning to prepare envelopes for mailing books, emptying trash cans, or preparing packing paper. The study authors taught these skills using principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

Study Design

The authors used a multiple probe design across participants to demonstrate experimental control and to analyze the effects of the intervention. This design allowed the authors to rule out extraneous explanations for the study results, and it especially controls for maturation (e.g., the participants getting better due to exposure to the task or simply getting older).

Study Results

Participants who received job-site training plus simulation training made more progress or had higher task performance than those who did not receive the additional simulation training. This was true even if the participant worked only 1 day per week!

So while the future may feel bleak given the limited resources available for adults, it is important to know that adults with autism may still learn. It is never too late to start ABA!

It’s Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I don’t know about you all but Friday was a long time coming. We look forward to Fridays around here for many reasons:boy hitting

  1. Friday happy hours
  2. Sleep in on Saturday
  3. Pizza night (doesn’t everyone do pizza night on Friday?)
  4. And Friday Funnies on the ABS Blog!

So we have been writing down all the funny things our kids say. We will share some of them with our readers. For today:

“John” was having a difficult morning in his class. He engaged in a few aggressive behaviors towards the behavior therapist (BT). The BT suggested that John step in the hall so as not to disrupt his peers. At that time, the supervising BCBA walked down the hall and saw John aggressing toward the BT. When John saw the BCBA, he began aggressing to the BCBA. The BCBA blocked the behaviors as planned. After a great deal of blocking, John stopped his aggression, looked at the BCBA and said, “You’ve got nice moves!”

Do you have any funny Kid Quotes to share?

My co-authors, Patrick and Abby, and I wrote this article for Autism Spectrum News. The entire issue is devoted to addressing challenging behaviors in individuals with autism. You should check out the entire publication and you may access it here.

You will find our article heregraph.

Happy Reading!

Autism awareness. #LIUB



This post continues to be one of our top posts. So, it’s befitting that we should update it in honor of April, autism awareness month. Thanks to our great staff Keith, Abby, and Sara H. for helping me with updates!

Reading and Reading Readiness
• Smiley Sight Words
• Teach Me Toddler
• Teach Me Kindergarten
• Teach Me 1st Grade
• Super Why
• ABC Match Ups
• Intro to Letters (by Montessorium)
• Bob Books
• Elmo’s ABCs

Elmo Loves ABCs

Elmo Loves ABCs• See Touch Learn

• Zoo Train
• Feed Me
• Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
• Dora ABCs
• DTT Words
• ABC Matchups
• Elmo Loves ABC’s
• Endless ABC

Spelling Apps

These apps go beyond letter recognition and actually teach the child to spell words.
• Montessori Cross Words
• Word Magic
• Wordball
• PCS Word Scramble
• Lucky Word Search

Vocabulary and Language Builders
• Kindergarten dot com Flash Cards (there are many! actions, alphabet, zoo, fruits, toys, instruments)
• Speech with Milo (sequencing, verbs, prepositions, adjectives)
• First Words Deluxe
• Preschool Animals
• Story builder
• Sentence builder
• Language Builder
• First Letters and Phonics
• Question Builder
• Zombie Grammar Force
• Grammar App
• SAT Grammar
• Little Match Ups
• PCS Language Flash Cards
• PCS Vocabulary Flash Cards
• See Touch Learn by Brain Parade

Speech and Articulation
• Phono Pix Full $19.99
• Artic Pix $29.99
• Speech Flip Book $19.99
• Articulation Flash Cards (PCS)
Writing and Story WritingiPad proloquo2go
• My Story Book Maker
• Pictello
• iMovie

AAC and Visual Planners
• Proloquo2go
• iPrompts
• I can have conversations with you
• Going Places
• Timer
• Alarmed
• Tap to Talk
• Vu Meter
• My Choice Board
• PCS Sign Language Flash Cards

Social Skills
• Quick Cues
• Stories2Learn
• What are They Thinking?
• Hidden Curriculum Kids
• Stories2Learn
• Conversation Builder
• iTopicsmore pizza

Interactive Food Games (Thank you Maverick Software)
• More Grillin
• More Cookies
• More Buffet
• Cupcakes
• More Pizza
• More Salad
• Little Match Ups Fruits
• Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Interactive Echo Games
• Talking Gugi
• Talking Tom
• Talking Babies
• Talking Gina
• Talking John
• Talking Roby
• Talking Paul
• Talking Pierre
• Talking Ginger
• Talking Penguin
• Talking Larry

Interactive BooksAnother Monster
• Misty Island (Thomas the Train complete with puzzles, coloring, and dot to dot)
• 5 Little Monkeys
• Green Eggs and Ham
• Me and Mom Go to the City
• Toy Story (with reading and painting)
• On The Farm
• Ronki
• Speech with Milo
• Mickey Mouse Puzzle Book
• Monster at the End of the Book
• Another Monster at the End of the Book (with Elmo)

• Read me Stories (a library with one free book each day)
• Mee Genius (a library)
• Reading Bug
• Food Fight
• Christmas Tale
• The Ugly Duckling
• Three Pigs
• Sesame Books
• Elmo’s Birthday

General Knowledge
• Brain Pop
• Weet Woo
• See Touch Learn by Brain Parade
• Learn Shapes

• Bert’s Bag
• Intro to Math (by Montessorium)sail through math
• Free Multiplication Tables
• Grasshopper
• Ace Math Flash Cards
• Pattern Recognition
• Analogies for Kids
• Analogies Practice
• Tally Tots
• Counting Coins
• Every Day Mathematics
• Fish School
• K12 money
• Math Cards
• Patterning
• Sail Through Math
• Sequencing
• Caboose Express: Patterns and Sorting
• Match it Up
• Motion Math: Wings (Multiplication)
• Sequences for Autism

• Children’s Wooden Puzzles
• Wooden Puzzles (these are not all good but the good ones are great. Sadly, the developers did not advertise on their app so we can’t tell you the exact name or developer)
• Wood Puzzles Vehicles
• Shapes and Puzzles by Pirate Trio
• My First Wood Puzzles
• Map Puzzles for Kids
• Kids Trucks: Puzzles
• Car Puzzles for Kids
• Car Puzzles for toddlers
• 101 Kids Puzzles
• Kids car, Trucks, & Construction Vehicles- Puzzles For Toddlers
• Sort it Out

Strategy and Problem Solving
• Zentonimo
• Cogs
• Comparative Adjectives
• Scrabble
• Numulus
• Logigrid
• Conquist2
• TicTacToe
• Memory Game
• Checkers Plus
• Sudoku
• Dots Free
• Spider Free
• Understanding inferences

• Pictureka
• Waldo
• I Spy
• First Then Visual Schedule HD

Adaptive Skills
• I Love Potty
• Everyday Skills
• Potty Time with Elmo

Motor Skills
• Dexteria (developed by an OT and teaches fine motor skills)

Interactive Games
• Bowling
• Mini Cooper Liquid Assets
• Monkey Flight (by Donut Games)
• Sunday Lawn (by Donut Games)
• Skee Ball
• Flashlight
• Spin the Coke Bottle
• Spinning Plates
• More Cowbell
• What’s Different 1
• What’s Different 2
• Angry Birds (Star Wars, Rio, Seasons, Space)
• Doodle Jump
• Cut the Rope
• Where’s My Water
• Rat on a Skateboard
• Trucks (by Duck Duck Moose)
• Sponge Bob Super Bouncy
• Sponge Bob Diner Dash
• Fireworks Arcade
• Pocket Pond
• My PlayHome
• Happy Geese
• Activity Island
• Glowing Shooting Stars
• Laser Light Show
• Big or Small Lite

Interactive Songs and Music
• Wheels on the Bus (Duck Duck Moose developers)
• Old MacDonald (Duck Duck Moose)
• Wheels on the Bus (Duck Duck Moose)
•Itsy Bitsy Spider (Duck Duck Moose)
• Kid’s Songs
• Virtuosa Piano
• Piano Free
• Music Sparkles
• Magic Piano
• Play With Musical Animated
• Tiny Guitar
• I can Xylo
• aXylophone
• Kids Animal Piano

Art Tools
• Drawing PadDoodlecast-for-Kids-1qtl51f-150x150
• Draw Free
• Draw With Stars
• Fingerpaint
• Let’s Create
• WhiteBoard
• PaintSparkle
• Glow Draw
• Kid Paint
• Whiteboard
• Let’s Color
• Squiggles
• Coloring for Kids
• Doodle cast
• Color Piano
• Doodle cast for kids
• Magic Scratchpad

Halloween Applications
• Carve a Pumpkin (to make the cute Jack-O-Lantern)
• Pumpkin Lite
• PumpknXplod
• Pumpkin Plus
• Skeleton (interactive and imitative)
• Halloween Coloring Book
• Carve It
• Halloween Heat

Data Collection and Other Tools
•SKILLS Logbook



• ABC Logbook
• ABC Data Pro
• Touch Trainer
• Smart White Board
• Sticky Notes for iPad
• Timer
• Meditation Timer

Parent Tools
• IEP Checklist
• Autism Diagnosis and Treatment
• Autism Track
• Autism and PDD Reasoning and Problem Solving
• Autism and PDD Comparatives/Superlatives
• Autism and PDD Yes/No Questions

More Educational Apps
• ABA- Problem Solving-What does not Belong
• ABA- What Rhymes
• ABA Flash Cards- Animals
• ABA Flash Cards- Actions
• ABA Flash Cards- Alphabet
• ABA Flash Cards- Food
• ABA Flash Cards & Games- Emotions
• ABA Receptive By Class
• ABA Sight Words
• ABA Which Go Together
• Autism iHelp- Sorting
• Autism iHelp- Language Concepts
• Autism iHelp-Opposites
• Autism iHelp-Shapes
• Autism iHelp- Colors
• Ablah HD

Apps for Feminine Activities
• Princess Coloring Book
• Barbie I Can Be
• Disney Princess Palace Pets
• Dress-up Princess
• Disney Princess Royal Ball
• Princess Coloring Book
• Prom Salon
• Nail Salon
• Wedding Day Makeover
• Princess Salon

Need more apps? Search “Autism Apps” in the Appstore and you will be able to search more applications by category! Need reviews, check out Bridging Apps dot org.

We have teamed up again with the fabulous staff at CCCD to offer a 1-day training for behavior analysts. Check out the April 6th line up with great presentations from Attorney Jennifer Laviano and Dr. Greg Hanley, Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz, and Dr. Shahla Alai-Rosales. And don’t miss the bonus presentation for additional CEs by Dr. Bill Heward on April 20th.

The total cost for BCBAs is $130 for 8.5 CEs. The total cost for students is $65.00 but no continuing education credit is available at that cost.

For more information, visit our home page: www.appliedbehavioralstrategies.com

To register, visit our workshop page (http://appliedbehavioralstrategies.com/workshops.html) and simply enter the title and the registration amount along with your name, email, and BCBA#. Follow the link to PayPal and pay through an existing PayPal account or use your credit card. If you want to pay with a purchase order, please contact Beth@appliedbehavioralstrategies.com for detailed instructions.

Hope to see you there!


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